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Allganize helps business get smarter with quick and easy integration, automated data tagging, and exceptional AI accuracy.
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  • Customer Testimonails

    By adopting, Persol Process and Technology plans to utilize AI more actively in its operations and expand automation of its operations in various areas.

    Hirofumi Otsuka Persol
  • Customer Testimonails

    Allganize’s NLU API helps us provide fully personalized experience to our users and build insights of them through conversational data.

    Yoshinori Asakawa KDDI

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Utilizing Machine Reading Comprehension

Using our Machine Reading Comprehension API, agents can also search the company documentation for answers.
It will find then find the correct response on the sentence level and display the relevant paragraph.


Maximum Productivity

Businesses get millions of questions from customers. Over half of those are “how to” questions, many of which are answered in documentations. But customers rather not do something that takes time and effort, like reading instructions, manuals, FAQ documentats. It’s very frustrating and expensive to businesses.

Allganize’s Natural Language Language AI answers questions from customers and employees without any manual unput or training

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Complete Process Automation

Most business analyze customer reviews and tickets 100% manually. The results are poor and costly.

Allganize automates the categorization and analysis of text data and many workflows with Natural Language Understanding AI.

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Meet our Product


Alli is a conversational AI pre-trained for your domain and automates your FAQ to execute actions that your users really care about


Q&A API returns the most accurate candidates even with misspelled words and completely different expressions.


Customers can ask questions and MRC API finds the answer directly from the documents.


NER API extracts meaningful keywords for any text descriptions. It’s being used for automatic tagging of keywords and the better AD targeting.

Review Analysis

This API automatically converts user’s natural language review data to measurable metrics.


This API can be used to automatically classify customer support log to ‘Satisfied’ and ‘Unsatisfied’ to gain customer support insights.

Text Classification

Text Classification API classifies text data to specific categories such as shipping, service, product quality and etc.


API summarizes long passages. It is often used by media and content providers.

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